We know that our collaboration with JCV will lead to the creation of great business projects. We have values similar to JCV Shipping, we both stand out for innovation, digitalization and traceability. JCV Shipping offers a personalized treatment to the customer, that´s one of the reasons that has been recognized as excellent, according to the EFQM model. We both look for the same results, although our activities are focus in different ways.

Offering a more complete service to our costumers is one of our main goals of this new collaboration. We want to provide value solutions in theis logistics chains through digitalization and new tecnologies, as well as close treatment, and focus on a very specific and complementary services that may need. Nowadays, technology is even more important than it was a year ago, therefore, JCV´s support is essential and necessary since both companies are specialists in the management of ADR merchandise.

For us, the most important thing is that our costumers we have in common, can benefit from the digitalization implemented, being able to access to more accurate and instant information of their stocks.


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