Contribute to the economic development of the Company through the accurate and safe transport of industrial parcels, meeting the expectations of our Clients.


Lead in Quality and with efficiency in the market in Zaragoza.

Leader in the transport of industrial parcels and in Global Logistics, involving the company and its people in the improvement of society, allowing us to be recognized as EXCELLENT COMPANY.


We think in QUALITY. We do things right first time.

We think in HONESTITY. We reveal ethical, sincere, coherent and fair behaviour.

We think in COMMITMENT. We trust what we do, and we are excited to build something better and better, taking on the commitments acquired with responsibility.

We recognize and appreciate the work well done. We deal with people with consideration. We think in RESPECT.

We think in HUMILITY. We recognize our qualities, our abilities and our own limitations.

We think in PERSISTENCE. We recognize the goals we set ourselves, in spite of the difficulties or the lack of personal motivation due to the time elapsed.