It is a great honor to announce that on november the 12th the Forum of Business Excellence of the Government of Aragón and the Aragonese Development Institute granted TSB Zaragoza for the Business Excellence 2019 award in the SME´s catagory.

The ceremony organized by the technical committee of the XXIII edition was held at the Conference Center in Zaragoza, with a total of a thousand people as assistants. This event is considered one of the main acts of the Month of Excellence in Aragón, with which the Governement of Aragón wants to promote good practices among the different businesses of the community.

During the event, the Great Business category award was granted by MasterD, thanks to the use of excellence as an element of reorientation. Furthermore, the other finalists in this category were Atlas Copco and Alliance Healthcare Spain.

On the other hand, in the SME category, TSB Zaragoza compete against Bestmedic and Atlantic Ocean in the final round, winning the award with the highest technical score based on the EFQM model, innovation and and strong experience in the logistics sector.

Finally, in the last category of “non profit entities”, the British College of Aragón achieved the prize thanks to it´s high technical score based on the EFQM model and greater implementation of this model.

It has been a immense pleasure to receive this award, as the result of the hard work,effort and dedication of the entire team of the delegation of TSB Zaragoza.

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