Warehouse Ambassador "Cross docking"

Ignacio Tejeda has been on the TSB Zaragoza* team for 14 years, a veteran who has been got used to the complicated culture of the company during these years. It is not easy to recognize the mistakes and participate facing all his colleagues in the nitty-gritty exposing the mistake made and the improvement action it proposes. Neither is it easy to fulfil the 5s, in a job with really stressful moments, although it’s relatively easy for him to meet our 6s, “SMILE”. It is essential to try to be happy at work and transmit these good vibes to his workmates.

Ignacio explains: “I am proud to belong to this company because I am in a large family, where I have been able to improve my training and have the opportunity to belong to the CSR team, which in addition to doing social tasks, we care to motivate, involve and recognize the people who have stood out for their contribution to the improvement and happiness of the whole team”.